How do external weight reduction machines work

With much advancement in technology, machines have effortlessly set their symphony with humans. They made human lives much easier than ever in history. Their presence and contributions are clearly noticeable.


However, too much dependence on the machines have led humans to live passive and sedentary lifestyles. It is one of the drawbacks of machines that have put humans at the risks of overweight and obese conditions. There are numerous ways to get rid of the excess weight, but humans have with no doubt have again chosen machines as their saviour.

For reducing weight or removing fat, the techniques opted are either surgical or non-surgical . Surgical techniques included gastric byepass, laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, billiopancreatic diversion surgery etc. while non-invasive surgical includes Cryoliposis, liposuction, cold laser shaping, Stomaphyx, etc. Let us see some of the non-invasive surgical techniques and how they work.

 Machines for removing excess fat

  • Laser lipo suction machine: Lipo suction is a quick way to get rid of your body fat through a cosmetic surgery. Where the lipid deposited in a part of your body is removed using a special liposuction machine. In this technique, a small canula is inserted into your body through an incision, and it is attached to a vacuum device. The doctor pushes and pulls it in a forward and backward motions through the fat layer, breaking up the fat cells and drawing out extra fat fluid from the body. While in laser lipo suction, a laser fibre is used to melt fat deposit instead of a surgeon doing it manually and seal blood vessels as well.
  • Cavitation slimming machine & RF (Radio Frequency): This technology is the most advanced technology used for weight reduction. In this technique, ultracavitation uses ultra sound cavitation effect to form the air bubble around fat deposited or lipocyte membrane; this air bubble breaks the lipocyte membrane. This broken fat will then be absorbed and eliminated out of the human body by lymphatic system. Also, radio frequency is used to alternate the electric field in the skin from positive to negative.
  • Liposlim EMS body toning: While doing exercise usually our brains send a signal to a muscle to relax and contracts during exercise, this action is a voluntary action. While, in Liposlim EMS body toning machines, the same signal is sent from the automated computerized machine through a set of positive and negative silicon pads that are placed on the motor point of the muscles. Which will relax and contract the muscles when it is on- it is an involuntary action.
  • Laser Slim: In a laser slim technique a laser light is applied directly to the surface of the skin where fat is deposited, which causes the fat cells to release the fat. When the fat is dissolved in water, glycerol and free fatty acids, it leaves the cell and is excreted out.
  • Fat Freezing Machines /Cryolipolysis: It is a medical treatment where fat cells of the body are destroyed by freezing the cells and then removing them from the body. It is used as a non-surgical alternative to lipo-suction, and it is an FDA approved technique. However there are no serious side-effects of this technique, you can see local redness, numbness and bruising of the skin. It is also known as coolsculpting method.
  • Slim body wrap system: The slim body wrap acts like a sauna, it warms the targeted areas. The body wrap is made up of nylon, and can be wrapped around the body like a fire-fighter suit. How much fat can be lost by body wrap and its effectiveness is still under the scanner.
  • Handheld body slimmer: Handheld body slimmer is like a rotor machine that you can use on your body to lose subcutaneous fat layers and cellulites. The strong motion stimulates each cell and dissolves subcutaneous fat layers and cellulite. It is also known as anti-cellulite control system.
  • Vibration plate machines: A vibration plate machine is relatively a new piece of exercise equipment and is quickly gaining popularity in weight loss. On vibration plate you have to stand and start the machine, it will start vibrating your whole body and increase in metabolic rate and helping you to achieve weight loss. Make sure you don’t have joint or cartilage injury.
  • Hand piece device: It is a non-surgical technique, where a hand-device emits a double beam of low-frequency ultra sound energy. The heat and soundwaves emitted by this device dissolves or burst the targeted fat cells. Following this is a lymphatic drainage massage that is carried out later on to help the body to process or remove the released liquid fat.
  • VelaSmooth:This non-surgical hand-held device combines infrared light and radio frequency, which softens the fat and re-arranges them. It is a long process, and it requires around 7-8 sessions to lose one inch of fat.
  • Mechanical Massage: It is a hand-held device that sucks up about an inch of skin between rollers and squeezes it, which increases the blood supply to the area and improves the lymphatic drainage system. The improved lymphatic drainage system triggers the body’s normal process of fat elimination.
  • Fat-Melting Injection: Apart from the machines there are other options that people use to remove the fat-layers. One such option is using phosphatidycholine injection; this injection is usually used to dissolve artery blocking plaque. It is observed that repeatedly use of this injection can melt the subcutaneous fat.

Costs for some of the fat reducing techniques

  • Lipo-suction
  • The price of liposuction varies depending on the area size and method used.  However, it cost you between $3000-7500
  • Cavitation slimming machine & RF
  • For a single session, it cost around $350-$400 dollars. However, the price varies according to the area size.
  • Laser slim/ Slimlipo
  • For laser slim it cost around $2000-$6000 depending on the area size
  • Cryoliposis/ Coolsculpting
  • The average price for this procedure is around $1700-$2000
  • Slim body wrap system
  • This non-surgical treatment cost about $100
  • Fat melting injection
  • It cost around $1000-$3000, and it varies according to the session and dose.

Above all these experiments, running and jogging is all time favorite to lose weight and to stay fit without any side-effects.

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