The healthy tropical fruit, Papaya



The healthy tropical fruit, Papaya

Call it by any name Paw-Paw, Papaye, or Carica Papaya, this tropical fruit is found everywhere. The origin of this fruit is believed to be southern Mexico and Central America. Papaya tree grows in the warm and humid area, and these places are perfect.

Papaya nutrition value is very high. It is enriched with some vital vitamins (A, B, and C) and minerals like zinc, phosphorous, calcium, iron, and magnesium. This fruit leverages some amazing health benefits.

Let’s see what is papaya good for? And how is papaya good for you?

Benefits of Papaya



  • Digestion and Constipation

Papaya is an excellent aid to digestion and hydrolyzing gluten. For any individual papaya should be the first choice to relieve constipation naturally. Papaya contains a chemical name papain that helps in digestion process. This fruit is high in dietary fiber and water content. It facilitates the bowel movement and relieves constipation.

  • Good for Heart Disease

Papayas are rich in Vitamin C, E, and A. These vitamins prevent the oxidation of cholesterol. If cholesterol is not oxidized, it may form a blockage in the heart’s blood vessel causing heart failure. Also, folic acid in papaya converts some harmful toxin into an inactive state. Which otherwise may induce heart problems.

  • Asthma Prevention

There is an evidence that papaya leaves can reduce symptoms of asthma. In remote places of Mexico, the papaya leaf is smoked to assist with asthma. Latex found in papaya is used to treat respiratory disorders like bronchitis, cough and breathlessness.

  • Cure diabetes

Papaya leaves extract can control blood sugar. Some research concluded that papaya leaves extract can induce the hypoglycemic effect. It can regenerate the pancreatic cells responsible for producing insulin.

  • Healthy Lungs

It’s very rare that fruit can contribute to a lungs health. Smoking cigarettes can lead to a deficiency of vitamins and may cause lung cancer. It is believed that Papayas are rich in vitamins. It can help smokers to overcome conditions like emphysema and lung cancer.

  • For Smooth Skin

Many skin complication is caused due to the toxin not cleared from the body. Papaya keeps the digestive system healthy and eliminates these toxins effectively from the body. Furthermore, the anti-oxidant present in papaya prevents the premature aging of the skin. Rubbing raw white pulp on the skin can replace dead skin cells with new healthy skin. Papaya’s low sodium content can make skin hydrated through little water retention.

  • Prevents Arthritis

Papayas are rich in vitamin C. It helps to control the development of some severe forms of rheumatoid arthritis. The papaya extracts possess a very good anti-arthritic activity. It has the same effect what drug diclofenac sodium has.

  • For thick and healthy hair

There is no scientific evidence about the papaya’s role in healthy hair. Still many people have experienced some positive outcomes after regular consumption of Papaya. Papaya leaf extracts can be used as a conditioner for shiny hair.

  • Fights Cancer

Papaya fights against a wide range of disease, including cancer. Papaya seed and leaf have an anti-oxidant flavonoid content in it. This flavonoid exerts some anticancer properties. Regular consumption of green tea and Papaya can significantly reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

  • Weight Loss

Calories in Papaya is low but high in vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients. Also, it is high in dietary fibers. This will make you feel satiated for longer hours eventually reducing excess calorie intake. Papayas are rich in many essential vitamins like vitamin B. It can help to boost your metabolism.

  • Papaya for stomach ulcer and liver

Papaya seeds are useful to cure many ailments. It possesses some anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic properties. Daily consumption of 4-5 dried papaya seeds can keep the liver healthy. Beside this, it can be used for detoxifying the liver. Papaya seeds are also found to be effective against certain fungus and exhibits some anti-fungal properties.

It is found that papaya extract can cure gastric ulcer induced by alcohol. The roots of papaya are used for treating various conditions like tumors inside uterus, syphilis, yaws and hemorrhoids.

  • Healing wounds

Papaya extract can improve wound repair. It increases fibroblast production, an essential constituent for healing wounds. It also increased anti-inflammatory response during healing.

  • For Dengue Treatments

Blood platelet reduces drastically in dengue fever. Research have shown that Papaya leaf extract can act directly on platelets and can improve the Platelet counts. It can neutralize the dengue effect.

Besides all the above-mentioned papaya nutritional facts, there is some domestic purpose of Papaya. Papaya seeds can be used to remove blue dye from aqueous solution. Some people use unripe papaya as a meat tenderizer. While applying a paste of papaya seed on the insect bite area provides instant help.




  • Interaction with medicine

Warfarin is the drug used for the heart patient. It reduces the blood-clotting mechanism and keeps blood thin. Consumption of papaya can further add to the effect of Warfarin. It could be difficult to clot blood if a person starts bleedings. So patient on warfarin should take physician advice, before consuming Papaya or any other such fruit.

  • Pregnant women

Though Papaya has some great advantages, there are some restrictions for pregnant women. Papaya should not be consumed by pregnant women, as it might induce an abortion.

  • Diabetic

Though Papaya is sweet in taste, the fermented papaya has the efficiency to alter the blood sugar. A patient who is on medication, should avoid papaya or take physician advice before consuming it.

  • Allergy

Papain and latex in Papaya may induce allergy on the skin. Before consuming papaya make sure that you are not allergic to any of its content.

  • Stop eating prior to surgery

Consumption of papaya must be avoided before two weeks of surgery. Fermented sugar can lower blood sugar, which is not ideal when a person has to go under surgery. Also, it can slow down the blood clotting process.

  • Avoid overconsumption of Papaya seeds

Though Papaya seeds have some healthy benefits, its overconsumption should be avoided. It may cause gastro-intestinal problems among younger children while the adult male can lose their fertility.

  • Avoid consumption in Diarrhea

Papaya is rich in fiber. Anything rich in fiber can enhance your bowel movement. In diarrhea, eating papaya can worsen the condition even more.

How to eat Papaya

  • Green Papaya Salad: Prepare a green papaya salad. It contains a high concentration of Papain. It helps in the digesting process.
  • Papaya SorbetA fruit based juice with ice-cream. It can help to stabilize your stomach acid reflux. It is recommended for elderly people, as it is easy to digest.
  • Marinated PapayaMexican Papaya tastes little odd. Therefore, some prefer Papaya with Lime. Marinating papaya with lime can add more nutritional value and add taste at the same time.

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