Running Vs Swimming For Fat Loss



Running Vs Swimming For Fat Loss

Running and swimming are both exciting sports. Both sports can be useful for health benefits. Here are some more information on how these activities can be beneficial for weight loss.

Swimming VS Running

  • Running involves a lower region of your body. The range of motion is limited.
  • Swimming involves movement of the whole body
  • Running can burn more calories but face less body resistance
  • Swimming can burn less calorie but face more body resistance
  • No special amenities required.
  • Swimming requires coaching if you are a learner. Also, safety gears are required.
  • Running is not a threat to your health or safety.
  • Health and safety can be concerns as you might be exposed to various chemicals in water. Burning eyes itchy skin and ear infections are some common health hazards of swimming.
  • Running is not ideal for people with knee or joint problems
  • Swimming is an ideal exercise for people with knee or joint problems. It will not exert any pressure on joints.
  • Running doesn’t have many options for resistance training.
  • Swimming has more resistance training options etc

How to lose weight by running

Studies have shown that overweight person can lose weight with exercise. When you exercise, your body use carbohydrates first and fat later. But when you are trying to lose weight, it does not matter. Your goal is to just burn more and more calories. Some studies say that in order to burn 1 lab of body fat you have to burn 3500 amount of calories.

Running for weight loss could show some good results if done regularly. According to some fitness experts, combining running with circuit training can burn 30 percent more calories than the traditional strength-training approach. Studies have supported the fact that Circuit Weight Training program can improve strength and can change body composition. It is considered as one of the best cardio for weight loss.

To shed weight rapidly, running alone might not be helpful. Calorie restriction is also important. Research suggested that activity-based anorexia is more effective for weight loss. Running benefits are not limited to reducing weight only. As per the leading science journal running can also facilitate the formation of new brain neurons.

Even running on a treadmill can give a similar result. It helps keeps your fat to a minimum.

How much running is enough to lose weight? To obtain a quick result, vigorous running is not required. Running at a moderate pace for 2-3 hours/week can help to lose weight. Given that, calorie intake should be restricted.

Is swimming good for weight loss

Does swimming burn fat? Like running swimming is equally effective for weight loss. High intensity interval training like swimming can reduce fat deposition in the body and improves the metabolism. In swimming, it requires more physical effort, compared to running. For instance, swimming 2 miles takes more energy than running 2 miles. For HIIT ( high-Intensity Interval Training), various swimming workouts include,

  • Warm up with 100m free style swimming
  • Sprint swimming for 30 seconds
  • Paddle rest for 1 minute

Repeat the same cycle for 15-20 minutes.

Swim workouts are suitable for all ages. Unlike running, it does not exert pressure on knees and joints. In swimming, all your body parts are actively involved like calves, hamstring, quadriceps, etc. Some research has claimed that swimming exercises bear higher oxygen uptake than running or other exercise.

It is believed that water provides 800 times more resistance than air. It means more calorie burn. The report suggested that swimming can also suppress the hunger factor. So swimming can do some wonder with fat burning and controlling body weight.

Besides swimming for weight loss, it can be beneficial for a patient having EIA (Exercise Induced Asthma). A scientific experiment has shown that Asthmatic patient will have less EIA attack while swimming than running. Not only had it minimized the EIA attacks among them, for some, it also helped to reduce the medication.

Swimming can also be effective in lowering the blood pressure. The finding suggests that swimming can be a highly useful alternative for land based exercise like running.

Calorie you lose: Swimming Vs Running



How many calories you lose during swimming or running is not certain. However, it is estimated that

  • Moderate Intensity Swimming: 214 calories
  • Running at 5mph: 298 calories
  • Vigorous Swimming: 344 calories
  • Running at 10mph: 632 calories

It is clear that both these exercise can help in burning fat. Slightly more or less, but they both are effective. Ultimately its personal choice which exercise suits their body.

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