How to stay motivated to excercise



How to stay motivated to excercise

It usually happens that you could not stick to your regular exercise routine. This could be due to the low motivation towards exercise. So how to get motivated to workout?

Each individual needs something for fitness motivation. Scientific studies have claimed that to stay motivated to the exercise various factors like health concern, weight control, stress reduction, influence of others can be effective. Here we will discuss some useful tips and tricks to stay motivated to regular exercise.

Tips and Tricks- Motivation to work out

Below are some workout motivation that may help you to stick to your daily exercise.

  1. Do what you enjoy:

Choose any sports activity that gives you pleasure rather than putting stress on you. If you start taking exercise as a stressful activity, that’s exactly what it becomes. If you make your exercise fun, light and exciting, then you may not require any daily motivation.

  1. Connect with the music:

It is universal that music can be a good workout inspiration. Listening to music while doing any exercise can help reduce the stress level. Upbeat music can be counterproductive for trained runners.

  1. Mix cardio with other exercise:

Sometimes by following the same routine exercise, might put you off. So, plan your exercise routine with variation in it. For instance, mix cardio exercise with some aerobic moves or yoga sessions.

  1. Set Goal:

A particular target or goal allows individual to stick to the exercise. It is also observed that setting goal for exercise has led to better performance. For instance, you decided to lose weight within a period of time. You will do the exercise regularly to achieve this goal.

  1. Gym Motivation:

It is observed, that anyone who stays far away from the gym has more chances to skip their regular exercise. So, always try to locate a gym or sports club that is convenient to reach.

  1. Find a community or Gym buddy:

Find a community or guys who are interested in the same activity you do it. Research have shown that working out with virtually present and superior partner can motivate an individual for exercise. It will help you to keep on track with your workouts. You can find such community on social network websites

  1. Give yourself a reward:

Receiving an award always gives a positive feeling and keeps you going. You can reward yourself at regular interval for sticking to exercise routine. This will refrain you from saying “I have no motivation.”

  1. Keep a record and share on social network:

Keep a personal record of your exercise routine, and try always to do extra from your previous record. A monitoring gadget can record your routine exercise and provide suggestions for improvement. Share same records on social networking sites. Your friends will always have something to say about it. It might encourage you to improve further.

  1. Find a Role Model:

Role models can be influential. You can have pictures of your role model in your room; it will remind you about what to achieve and keeps you motivated. You can also read articles or magazines about them or something that inspires you to do exercise.

  1. Supervised Training:

Studies have shown that supervised training can help in adherence to exercise. Hiring a personal trainer would be a great idea to stick to the routine. A trainer can motivate you as he himself has gone through disciplined training. Also, there is another benefit, he can decide what set of exercise might help you.

  1. Talk to yourself:

Get motivated with a self-talk. Speak to yourself while running on a treadmill or doing pullup/pushup in front of the mirror. Scientifically it is proven that self-talk used by athletes have improved their performance.

  1. Collective effort

Working out everyday is often a challenge for a diabetic patient. For them doing exercise in collective group is a good alternative. Some scientific studies showed that “collective support”, “collective motivation” and “collective responsibility” helped diabetic patient to adhere to exercise.

  1. Buy a Professional gear

Always train yourself as a professional athlete. Perform your exercise in a standard and appropriate sports gear. It will give you the sense of professional athletes. This keeps you motivated towards exercise.

  1. EoP- Exercise on Prescription

EoP is getting popular in recent time. Exercise on Prescription is often designed by a fitness or rehabilitation specialist. It consists of details about various exercise regime, the duration of exercise, precaution for exercise, etc. Research work has claimed that in later life EoP can be an effective way for adherence to exercise.

  1. Eat Healthy

Your diet has a significant role for a healthy lifestyle. Eating junk foods can onset a sedentary lifestyle. This may put you off from routine exercise. Taking nutritious food can be an important factor for staying motivated towards exercise.

  1. Social Support

Support from friends and relatives can improve performance. Studies suggested that social support has shown significant improvement in exercise behavior among adults, especially older ones. This motivates individual to stay adhere with the routine.

  1. Look exercise as a priority

Think exercise as a necessary process of life just like breathing, eating, sleeping. Put it in your daily planner and make sure you stick to it, because it is no less significant to your involuntary activities.

  1. Video Game based exercises

Video game-based exercises can be a good option for a physically challenged person. Even some research have concluded that video game-based exercises have shown improved dynamic balance control among patient having a cerebellar tumor.

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