How to over-come drug addiction



How to over-come drug addiction

Withdrawal from drug addiction is challenging but possible. With the help of rehab facilities and psychological counselling, it becomes easier to overcome the substance abuse.

For treating drug abused mainly four approaches are used.

  • Detoxification program
  • Administrating licit opiate under controlled environment
  • Therapeutic community
  • Out-patient drug program

Here we will see how you can get rid of drug addiction.

Steps to overcome drug addiction

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  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco:Alcohol is the potential risk factor leading to substance abuse. Some studies show that social pressure to drink cause relapse to substance abuse. Keep alcohol away from the vicinity of addicted person. Tobacco is also associated with the initiation of drug abuse.
  • Avoid hanging out in drug abused neighborhood:To prevent relapse, hanging out in a drug abused neighborhood should be avoided. Also, try to avoid situations that tempt you for drug abuse. Even few research have implicated that disadvantage neighborhood can cause addiction to illicit drugs.
  • Addict to passion, not drugsThere is something that each person is passionate about may be sports, photography, etc. Staying close to their passion occupies the thoughts tempting towards the drug. This can help reduce the instability caused due to the drug abuse.
  • Therapeutic Communities and Drug free programTherapeutic communities are drug-free and highly structured. Various programs run under therapeutic communities are care plan based on individual needs, skill workshop and regular community meetings. Even scientific studies supported the benefits of Therapeutic communities for drug abused patient. To prevent the patient from relapse therapeutic community use Cognitive behavioral treatment.

Common Myth to Substance Abuse

There are few common myths about Substance Abuse Treatment,

  • No further treatment required, if DetoxifiedIt is a common myth that drug detoxification cures drug addiction permanently. There is no permanent cure unless drug abuser completely devoid from drugs.
  • Prescribed Opioid painkillers cannot be addictive: It is a misconception that prescribed Opioid painkillers cannot be addictive. Research clearly says that opioid painkillers can be addictive.
  • Other Mental disorder treated first before treating addiction: Not necessary that other mental disorder needs to be treated first before treating addiction. Infact, an attempt should be made to treat addiction first.
  • Medicated Assisted Therapy (MAT) can cause more harm than cure:These medications interact with a person’s brain at a much slower and more controlled rate. It helps stabilize what was disrupted by the drug abuse. Monitored use of the medication is safe and effective.


  • Talk to your GP:
    If you are determined enough to quit drugs, see your doctor first. Withdrawing drugs instantly can be dangerous. It can lead to anxiety, rapid heartbeat, panic attacks, etc. The physician can give proper guidance and prescribes drugs in a controlled manner.
  • Provide controlled under supervision:
    To treat drug abuser who has relapsed, the drug should be given under physician supervision. While administering controlled drugs like methadone, buprenorphine, etc. drug abuser should not be alone.
  • UROD complication:
    Patient undergoing UROD (Ultra Rapid Opioid Detoxification) treatment may face various complications like cardiovascular, Gastric ulcer, renal failure, and Psychiatric disorders.

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