How to develop discipline to exercise

Many of us have experienced this in the morning, when the alarm beeps, our hand goes unknowingly on the alarm, puts it off and set back to the sleeping mode. When we finally wake up, we repent on missing our GYM class, and decides not to repeat the same mistake next time. But we all know what happens next time, the same hand goes to the alarm and the process is continuous. How can you break this chain reaction, and discipline yourself towards exercise?



Here are few things emphasized to make you discipline towards your exercises


  • Set a realistic target:

Most of the time, it is observed that we cut off from our daily exercise routines, because our goals or targets are not realistic. So, when we fail to achieve those targets, we get disappointed and slowly start withdrawing from those routines. So, our exercises should be based on these points

  • Timely and Measurable
  • Attainable and Relevant
  • Specific
  • Start Small:

No hikers can climb Mt. Everest in one go, not even the trained professionals. They have to climb smaller mountains first and then move on to the next one. Likewise, you have to set smaller goals for your exercise routine like running 500 meters first then 700 meters and then raise it to your target slowly. This small accomplishments will give you confidence and boost your will to go the extra mile next time.

  • Put your will to test:

If you are failing to stick to what you think or plan, try this trick it might be helpful. Cultivate your will power, by challenging yourself by, not doing anything. Like, not eating your favorite dish for so long or not watching TV for a month or two. Or staring at a spot on a wall for a long time. It will harnesses your will-power stronger, but make sure you don’t become too stubborn in this process.

  • Come out of your comfort zone:

Staying in the comfort zone, is the single most reason for laid back attitude and giving up on your goals. For instance, if you have a car you would hardly bother about walking to a nearby shopping mall, or you have a lift in your apartment you won’t care to pick stairs. Same applies for your exercise routine, if you are adapted to one exercise then you are less likely to hit your final target.

  • Why morning for exercise

For some party-lovers getting up early is a heck of work but morning hours are the best for workout, as your energy level and will power will be at their peak during this time. Make out the best or maximize all of the benefits from your morning hours. Nevertheless, if you fail to workout in the morning, then use your evening hours but don’t skip your routine exercise.

  • Do meditation

Exercising after a long time can bring pain to some of your strained muscles and will need healing. This pain can put you off from your exercise routine, in order to heal this pain; you should include meditation in your workout routine. Even for a smaller period of 10 minutes everyday, it will benefit you a lot. Take a break perhaps a day or two when your body feels more pain as your muscles need rest to recover.

  • Take enough sleep

When you don’t have proper sleep, you can’t give your 100% in whatever you do. So, take proper sleep, 7-8 hours everyday.

  • Train yourself rather than exercising

Don’t just exercise but exercise to train yourself for some event like running for a marathon or participating in some competition. It will keep your focus on the training, and you will ot have to remind yourself over and over again about your exercise routine.

  • Make changes to your exercise if it does not work

If your schedule or exercise set is not working to get you the desired results, make some changes in the plan. Get the help of a trainer and make some chages whenever you go to the gym, for maximum effectiveness. Perhaps, you could choose a different exercise that trains the same muscle group.

  • List your reason

Most of the time we ignore doing this, we don’t put on paper what is on our minds, but if you write down why you want to exercise. It will help you stay disciplined towards your exercise regimen. Examples might include

  • I want to lose weight by
  • I want to lower my cholesterol to this level

You can also keep the record of your progress.

  • Visualize the reward

There is nothing satisfying than achieving your goals. Visualize yourself achieving your goals and the countless benefits you will enjoy after achieving it. That’s way it will keep you focused and to stick to your exercise routine

  • Remove distractions and temptations

Discipline is about preventing yourself from falling into any type of distraction and temptation. Whether it is consuming alcohol, late night parties or eating junk foods as they are all capable of diverting you from your goal.

Discipline, for any successful person is an asset that they developed over time, which will help them to achieve some extraordinary things in their lives with their ordinary strength.

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