How Juices can help in Weight Loss



How Juices can help in Weight Loss

Weight loss is a challenging task. Especially, for those who does have enough time to exercise. For them, the juicing recipes can be a good option to lose weight.

Let see how juicing to lose weight works?

How juice diet can reduce weight

Juices can aid in the digestive process. Juices take less time to digest than a solid food. See below reasons, why juicing recipes are preferable for weight loss.

  • Juices does not contain fatty acids. This help to prevent fat deposition in your body responsible for weight gain.
  • When you are on juice diet, your body depends on fat deposit for energy. Thus dissolves the excess fat from the body.
  • Juicing recipe can control your appetite. In a long time, your body will be accustomed to not having huge meals and put extra weight.
  • Unlike regular meals, Juices does not require an active digestive process. This keeps your body metabolism in balance
  • Juices can clean the colon. This leads to better absorption of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. As this continues, desire for unhealthy food lessens. Some even prefer 3 day juice cleanse program to detoxify toxins from body.

Some other benefits of Juicing

Some great juices to lose weight

Fruits or vegetables used for Juicing diet are as follow. They deliver some great health benefits also.

  • Apple:The malic acid in apple detoxifies harmful toxins inside our body. It is also capable of softening gallstone and other hard substances. With few calories, Apple can satiate the hunger of an individual. Thus restricting them from overeating.
  • Beetroot: It is one of the common vegetable found in the juicing recipe. It can purify blood and can strengthen the blood level. Besides, it also has an ability to enhance the liver functionality. A healthy liver can be helpful in reducing weight by breaking down the fat molecules more efficiently.
  • Cucumber: They are rich in water content and less in calories. This quality stops you from eating high-caloric foods and breaking your hunger desire. It is also high in fiber, which excretes out the unabsorbed fats with them.
  • Cranberries: They are loaded with special types of organic acids. Researchers believe that these acids can dissolve the fat deposits. While some studies also claim that the enzymes present in cranberries can aid in metabolism. Which eventually helps in weight loss. Many people mix cranberries juice with almonds. Almonds are rich in fiber, and therefore, believed to reduce weight in quick time.
  • Grapefruit: This fruit has a significant effect on losing weight. Some studies have shown that it has an ability to stabilize blood sugar by reducing insulin levels. Low level of insulin means more blood sugar in the blood, resulting in less consumption of food. Though it controls the blood sugar level, a diabetic patient has to take physician advice before having it. Patient medication may interact with this fruit.

Some best juice combination for better health

You can have juice made completely of a single fruit or you can even blend it with other fruits. There is some good combination of juicing recipe that can be effective for weight loss. Apart from fresh fruit, add some herbs or shrubs with the juice for additional benefits. Here are some mean green juice recipe, you may find useful.

  • Apple + Cucumber + Celery + Kale + Lemon + Ginger root
  • Pineapple + Beet root + Carrot + Orange + Spinach + Cabbage + Lemon
  • Carrot + Orange + Apple +Beet root + Lemon
  • Beet root + celery + spinach + spirulina (dried)
  • Apple + Carrot + Pear + Celery + Lemon + Turmeric root + Ginger root

Make sure, you consult your physician, before trying any of these combination juice recipes. Some individuals may be allergic to certain types of food.

Tips and Tricks: Juicing for weight loss

Here are some quick tips for weight loss,

  • Limit fruits to less than 20% of your entire juice
  • Don’t remove outer peel of fruits while juicing
  • Use stevia powder instead of sugar for sweetening– it has zero calories
  • Try green juice recipes by including some green leafy vegetables in your juice – like spinach, kale, collard green, etc.
  • The best-balanced juice recipe would be 3 parts of veggies and one part of the fruit
  • You can add protein powder to your juice to meet your daily protein intake if you are on juice fasting.

Best practice for juicing diet

To achieve optimum result from Juice Recipe, follow these golden rules.

  • Always consume juice with an empty stomach or take after 2-3 hours after the meal
  • Consume it when it is fresh rather than waiting long and keeping it in the freezer. As some essential enzyme present in the fruit, start degrading immediately after juicing
  • Use a variety of combination in juice rather than repeating same juicing ingredients everyday

Juice recipe Vs Whole Fruit

Many prefer eating whole fruit, rather than juice. Here are some pros and cons of eating fruit as a whole and as juice.


Juice Recipe
Whole Fruit
  • Juices can elevate blood sugar level rapidly
  • Whole fruit releases sugar in blood slowly and in a controlled manner
  • You can mix juices with each other and get more vitamins and nutrient
  • Eating single fruit can supply only particular type of vitamin and nutrient
  • Different vegetables when blended, increases the nutritional value
  • Single vegetable intake would be less nutritious
  • Fruit juice makes you drink more and less satiate
  • Whole fruit makes you eat less and more satiate
  • Juice does not contain any fiber
  • Whole fruit contains fiber and all essential nutrients


Any individual who is on prescribed drug, should consult a doctor before trying juice recipe. As many fruit juices might interact with the absorption of drugs. Especially, grapefruit juice may prove lethal with some prescribed drugs. While vegetable juice like bottle gourd juice sometimes shows toxic effect.

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