Cabbage Juice



Cabbage Juice

Scientific evidence suggests that phytochemicals present in vegetables and fruits can decrease the risk of chronic diseases. Some of the key phytochemicals in Brassica genus include flavonoids, carotenoids, and phenolic. Cabbage comes under plant family Brassica genus.

Let’s explore some Cabbage benefits.

Benefits of Cabbage



  • Enhances Immune System of the body

Cabbage leaves contain a lot of vitamin C. Vitamin C is capable of reducing free radicals from the body and can boost your immune system. It allows withstanding the stress your body faces daily. It will be surprising to know that cabbage contains more vitamin C than oranges. It can be used to cure disease like scurvy or weak bones that are caused due to lack of vitamin C.

  • Fight cancer

Anti-oxidant present in Cabbage can contribute to the first and second defense lines against oxidative stress. It protects the body cells against oxidative stress and therefore can prevent chronic disease like cancer.

  • Relieves muscle pain

Cabbage juice contains lactic acid. This compound can be effective at relieving pain. Cabbage leaves are applied directly to the affected area to treat swelling, strain and sprains

  • Helps to fight the Infection

Cabbages are rich in sulfur. Sulfur in cabbage exhibits anti-bacterial properties. It helps to fight against infections and certain types of bacteria.

  • Weight Loss

Fibers present in cabbage stop you from eating more or adding further calories. Eating raw cabbage can help you to reduce weight quickly if you strictly follow the diet plan.

  • Cool your Eyes

Cabbage is a rich source of vitamins. Cabbage contains a significant amount of carotene protein. Carotene can prevent loss of vision and improves eye-sight.

  • Protecting Brain Cells

Some studies show that red cabbage can contribute in neuronal cell protection. Vitamin K in cabbage protects the nerves from damage and reduce the incidence of various brain disease like Dementia, Alzheimer, and neural degeneration.

  • Anti-inflammatory Properties

Red Cabbage Juice have some anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the effects of inflammation like allergies, irritation, skin disorders, pain, fever, etc. Red cabbage gets red color due to the anti-oxidant flavonoid.

  • Detoxification

Cabbage is an excellent detoxifier. The high content of sulfur and C makes cabbage detoxify the blood. It removes toxin that can cause arthritis, gout, renal calculi, skin diseases, etc.

  • Protect the Circulatory System

ATH (anthocyanins) in red cabbage can protect the circulatory system. Studies have suggested that exposure of ATH have decreased the oxidative stress induced by LPS (lipopolysaccharides) and protected the blood platelets. Cabbage is also rich in folic acid, it can help in treating anemia. Folic acid is an essential component for building new blood cells.

  • Relaxes your blood pressure

Cabbage is full of minerals. Minerals like potassium, phosphorous, manganese, magnesium can control heart rate and blood pressure. It eases out the flow of blood through the blood vessels and reduces the risk of heart attack.

  • Skin care and Pre-mature aging

Your skin is what you eat. Cabbage and other green leafy vegetables are rich in natural Phenolics. Phenolics can prevent UV-induced skin damage. The same can also help to reduce the effect of aging like wrinkles, discoloration of the skin, spots and so on. Not only that, it can cure skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, rashes, acne, etc.

  • Relieve Constipation

If digesting raw cabbage is not an issue, then cabbage can relieve constipation. It is a rich source of dietary fiber. Beside it can help in a condition like obesity, hemorrhoids, and diverticulosis.

  • Diabetes

Chinese cabbage is believed to have some anti-diabetic property and can helpful in Type-2 diabetes. Some data shows that Chinese cabbage fed with a low-fat diet can show some anti-diabetic effects.

  • Cabbage juice for ulcers

Evidence indicates that Cabbage juice can treat peptic ulcers. Cooking or heating the cabbage can destroy the components that are responsible for treating gastric ulcers. Research have shown that cabbage and broccoli juice together can help in reducing cholesterol level from the body.

  • Other uses

Besides, all the above health benefits. Cabbage can be helpful in condition like liver cirrhosis, heartburn, gout, kidney stones, protection against radiation, etc.




  • Digestive problems

While eating cabbage raw, some people have a problem digesting it creating digestive problems. People can opt for purple cabbage if green cabbage is an issue for them. You can try diluted cabbage juice to avoid digestive problems.

  • Medicine Interaction (Warfarin)

Cabbage is rich in vitamin K, and it helps in blood clotting reaction. It is exactly the opposite action of what warfarin drugs do. So if you are on medication like Warfarin, you have to be extra careful. Ensure that you are taking medication under physician supervision or have a restriction over cabbage and other related vegetables. Cabbage also interact with some of the painkillers and anxiety drugs, and advice of a physician is recommended.

  • Interfere with Iodine absorption

Individual having thyroid problem or on thyroid medication should avoid eating Cabbage. Cabbage can interfere with the body’s iodine absorption. Iodine is the key component required by the thyroid gland to function properly. This applies to all vegetables falling in the same family. Physician advice is always recommended.

How to consume Cabbage

Consuming Cabbage without losing its nutritional value is important. Here are some noble way to consume Cabbage.

  • Sauerkraut: It is a method where cabbage is fermented by lactic acid bacteria. It helps increasing vitamin B and C content.
  • Salad: This is the common and healthy way to have cabbage. Eating raw cabbage can save some vitamins and minerals that usually lost while cooked.
  • Soup: Prepare soup combined with mustard, onion, and some cheese.
  • Juice: Cabbage Juice benefits will be same as eating raw. For older people, cabbage juice is more preferable. It is easier to absorb into the blood stream.

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