Health Benefits of Bananas

When you miss your breakfast while hustling for the office, you usually grab something handy to eat on your way. And most of the time it is either an apple or banana.  Compared to apple, banana has four times the protein, twice the carbohydrates, three times the phosphorous, so it is the quickest way to meet your energy need.  It has a lot of nutrition than any other fruit can provide.  We will discover some nutritional facts about banana over here that makes this fruit awesome.



Health Benefits of Banana



  • Instant surge of energy

Bananas are natural choice for athletes as it boosts the energy level instantly.  It is the best breakfast option for all age groups, and it is believed that banana has efficiency to activate the mood enhancing chemicals.

  • Good for teeth and bones

Bananas does not have a large amount of calcium as it is presumed, but yet it plays a bigger role in strengthening of bones and teeth.  Banana does not have calcium in it, but it does have special chemicals that support the absorption of calcium.

  • Fight Cancer

Bananas are high in anti-oxidant which  is responsible for preventing cancer. Some studies suggest that a moderate amount of banana consumption daily can cut the risk of kidney cancer.

  • Maintains blood pressure

Bananas are rich source of manganese and potassium which aids in maintaining normal blood pressure.  It is also good for a healthy heart.

  • Used as an antacid

When there is an acid imbalance and if you are looking for home remedies, banana is one option that you can  consider.  It protects the stomach from unfriendly bacteria which can cause stomach or gastrointestinal disturbances.  It can lead to thickening of the stomach mucosa, that act as a barrier against stomach acidity.

  • Retains important minerals

Bananas are rich in potassium and other important minerals, so it can be used in overcoming moderate diarrhea and to retain the lost minerals.

  • Ripe banana relieves constipation

Ripe banana contains a good amount of soluble dietary fibers, and it provides laxative property to the bowel movement.  Make sure you use ripe banana for your constipation problem as such green banana can show the reverse effect due high starch content in it.

  • Improves digestive ability

It is rich in nutrients that help to enhance the friendly bacteria activity.  It activates the growth of these bacteria in the colon and secretes enzymes that is responsible for absorption of nutrients and improves the digestive ability.

  • Improves nerve function and other disorder

It is a good source of vitamin-B6, and one banana can cover your daily requirement of vitamin B6.  Vitamin B is responsible for better improvement of nerve functions and treatment of disorders like neuritis and anemia.

  • Anti-aging

Banana helps to fight aging as it is loaded with vitamin A, and E. Vitamin E in avocados works together with nutrients in bananas to  fight free radicals and repair damage

  • Weight-loss

If you are looking for diet plan to reduce weight, then nothing can be better  than having a glass of fat-free milk and banana. The combination works best as it covers almost all vitamins and nutrients needed for  normal body functioning, beside this it keeps you satiate for longer hours without any urge for extra food.

  • Healthy and glowing skin

Where facial cream leaves some sensitive effects on the skin, fruits like banana can glow your skin without any side effects. Vitamin E gives a healthy skin, and it is found in abundant in bananas

  • To fight ulcers

The banana helps to fight against intestinal disorder and ulcers inside the stomach. It also neutralizes the irritating sensation caused due to spicy and oily food

  • Temperature control

It can act as a temperature controlling agent and used in fever.  It is believed that banana can reduce the body temperature and in few countries it is used to lower the body temperature of women before giving birth to the babies.

  • Helps to Quit Smoking

Instead of  spending money on various nicotine patches to get rid of smoking, there is one more way which can help to reduce the effect of nicotine. Banana is rich in vitamins B6 and B12 which helps to fight the effects of nicotine withdrawal.

Apart from all these, banana contains  vitamin C that enhances the immunity power, while the inner skin of the banana can act as a mosquito repellent, and outer peel can be used as a skin scrub.  This small fruit has a long list of advantages and a value more than its size.

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