Hand-grip Exercises That Work!



Hand-grip Exercises That Work!

There are about 27 bones, 29 joints and atleast 123 ligaments in a human hand. A hand grip exercise assures that it works together and does not stiffen with age. But age is not only the factor. If you don’t use muscles pro-actively, it can lose mobility and cause stiffness. Exercising these muscles regularly is the best way to keep them active and mobile.

Along with exercise your hand muscle should also get enough nutrition. Few research suggest that low handgrip strength is a sign of nutritional deprivation.

So, how to improve grip strength and what hand grip exercises you could do?

A Large part of your hand grip exercise is controlled by your forearm muscles. These muscles include,

  • Flexors
  • Extensors

Below are some forearm exercises, which can strengthen these muscles.

Best hand-grip Exercises

  • Use hand grippers



Handgrippers are U-shaped device with a coiled spring in the middle. You’ve probably seen in gym or health center. By pressing and releasing Handgrippers slowly, a tension in arm muscles is created. This exercise can help increase the blood flow in forearm muscles. A 6-8 repetition on easy gripper for 5-10 mins is sufficient for strong wrist and hand muscles. You can use hand or torsion grippers.

  • Plate Pinching

Weight plate pinching between the thumb and finger can strengthen the soft connective tissues between them. You can increase the number of plates to get more work on your fingers and hand.

  • Exercise for forefingers

Finger tips are consist of sensory receptors and nerve endings. Due to this receptors we can respond better to touch and feel. Studies have shown that isometric exercise can result in better sympathetic neural activation. Pressing softball is the best exercise for sympathetic neural activation. It also helps in reducing stress. So make sure to include ball squeezing exercise in your daily routine.

  • Barbell Holds


In barbell holds, you lift the weight-bar up to your knee height. It will appear like you have suspended barbell on your hand. Hold it for 10 seconds and then release. Work 3-5 sets of this exercise to strengthen your hand grip. It will help strengthen your leg, forearm and calf muscles.

  • Rope pull-ups


In the rope pull up, you suspend your body weight on two parallel ropes with your hands. Stay in this position as much as you can. You can do pull ups on these ropes if your forearms and shoulders allows.

  • Fat Grip Training

Wrap thick grips over dumbbell handles. Then hold dumbbells tightly and keep them uplifted for a couple of minutes. Repeat 5-10 sets of it. This help strengthen your palm muscle. You can do this with any standard dumbbell or barbell.

  • Rubber Band Extensions

This is a simple exercise that you can do anywhere–even while sitting in your office. In this exercise, you insert all your fingers inside a rubber band. Then stretch your fingers outwards and inwards. Same way you can do for the thumb. Move thumb and fingers against the resistance of an elastic band. You can repeat this exercise as many times you want.

  • Sand hand extensions

For sand hand extensions, insert your hand in a bucket of sand with your fingers closed. Without lifting them out of the sand, try to open and close your fingers against the sand pressure. If sand is not available, you can also use rice bucket.

  • Hex Holds

In Hex Hold exercise, you suspend dumbbell by holding it from one of its end. Keep dumbell hanging in this position for 30-40 seconds. Repeat 5-10 sets of it. This will strengthen your fingers as well as the muscles through your forearms. To strengthen your fingers press down a solid surface with tips of the fingers and thumb.

  • Newspaper Balls

This is the most simple and effective way for developing hand grip strength. Make paper balls and try to squeeze them as much as you can.

  • Dumbbell Rotation

In this exercise, lift dumbells at a 90-degree angle. Then slowly bring dumbbell from side to center of your body without bending the elbow. Ensure that your shoulders are relaxed to minimize the risk of injury. Then turn the dumbells away and bring it to its original position.

  • Hook-grip swings

It is little tough compared to all other exercises. In this exercise, you have to hang on the wall with the help of your fingers tips. Make sure you swing on the wall with close distance to the ground. So when you slip you can handle the fall.

  • Farmer carriers

Instead of the vegetables that farmer carry and walk, you will carry straight bars, hex bars, suitcases, etc. Carry them and go for a walk. This endurance exercise will help to build stamina as well as muscle mass.

  • Rock Climbing


Climbing mountains or tracking is the best exercise for your hand grip. Scientific reports concluded that the grip strength among rock climbers is more than non-climbers. Pulling ropes and climbing mountains tone up your hand and leg muscles. It improves your endurance for holding things for longer.

  • Yoga moves for handgrip

Yoga is best for muscle flexibility. For strong forearm and wrist, you can try this move, where you have to balance your body suspended on the elbows. To execute this, first bring both arms close to your stomach. Then on elbows try to lift your body with palms on the ground. Remain in this position for 50-60 seconds. It is also effective for better digestive system.


  • People have arthritis should avoid hand grip exercises or take physician advice
  • Muscular imbalances and immobility in neck, shoulders, and elbows can be a possible risk. Follow the trainer instructions and make sure not to overdo.

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