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9 Myths about Running

Running enthusiast need a lot of stamina and motivation to run miles. But there are few presumption that makes runners think over their running skills. Let see whether they hold any truth or just the myth. Also, we will see some tips on how to increase endurance and stamina for distance running. Some of the […]


Quick Remedies for Cold, Flu and Sore Throat

Our body try to immune us from various viral flu, whenever they infect us. But it has a limitation, and may sometimes fail to protect us from the dreadful viruses. There are more than 200 common cold viruses and three types of flu virus, with many different strains. It’s hard to avoid all these viruses. […]


How to stay energetic for the whole day?

Some surveys have shown that around 30% of the worlds’ population complain about tiredness and restlessness. They feel they need more energy in order to complete their day. So how to get more energy? And how to stop being tired? There are various reason for being tired and fatigue. By taking small measures, these problems […]


How to keep your bones strong at middle-age

Bones are the structural frame of our body, without which our body looks like nothing more than just a sack of cotton. Human skeletons can scare you if you see them in the dark or in the mortuary, but in the true sense these skeletons are true partners of human. (Src) Throughout life, our bones […]


Why everybody can’t do a split?

Human body may look simple from outside in its structure. But inside, it has a very complex mechanism. One such complex mechanism involves functioning of muscles throughout the body. You might have observed that some athletes or dancers can do full leg split, which is nearly impossible to do for an average person. So what […]


How to have More Energy with Less Sleep

Numerous surveys claim that around 30% of the worlds’ population complain about tiredness. The main reason for tiredness was inadequate sleep. They need better sleep to remain energize throughout the day. Many factors deteriorate the quality of sleep. So, how to get better sleep. Let’s look some of the factors that can help improve the […]


Toll of treadmill on Knees

(Src) Toll of treadmill on Knees Running on treadmill is quite useful when going out is not feasible. But before using a treadmill, make sure either you go through proper training, or you hire a trainer. Otherwise, it may result in some serious injuries to the knees. It is believed that every pound of your […]


Body Flexibility

Flexibility is the ability of your joints and body parts to use their full range of motion. Body flexibility is essential for performing all your daily activities such as bending, walking, and lifting. It allows your muscles to remain mobile and stress-free. (Src) But as age progresses, you start losing this flexibility and become more […]