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12 Best Fat Burning Foods

If fit-body is some kind of destination, then a healthy food is the passport to that destination. We gorge on lots of junk food every day and add unnecessary fat or calories to our body, resulting in various complications that we never wish to have. The most common of them is obesity, heart disease, blood […]


Almond For Weight Loss: Is it True?

“Almonds can make you slim”- this statement may seem less than convincing for some, as they doubt how a tiny little almond can promise weight loss. But this tiny little nut is packed with better nutrients than any other nuts. If you are vegetarian, an almond can give you the same nutritious value as eggs […]


Manganese significance and its deficiency

Human body is made up of many natural elements found in traces. Inside our body, these elements play a significant role. functioning of many biochemical process. Though their requirements in our bodies are in micrograms, their actions are inevitable. One such important component is Manganese. It is widely distributed in brain, kidney, liver and pancreas. […]


Magnesium Oil Benefits

  (Src) Magnesium Oil Benefits Very few people know that Magnesium is the most abundant ions present in living cells and its plasma. It plays a pivotal role in human body. This mineral acts as a catalyst for many biochemical processes inside our body especially in energy production. Some studies suggested that a healthy human […]


Health Benefits of Bananas

When you miss your breakfast while hustling for the office, you usually grab something handy to eat on your way. And most of the time it is either an apple or banana.  Compared to apple, banana has four times the protein, twice the carbohydrates, three times the phosphorous, so it is the quickest way to […]


Sour Stomach

(Src) Sour Stomach Sour stomach is referred as a disorder due to food indigestion rather than a medical complication. When stomach fails to handle food indigestion, it causes complication like Sour Stomach or Stomach ache. The upset stomach is also referred as Dyspepsia. Dyspepsia symptoms include bloating, nausea, burping, belly pain, etc. This disorder can […]


Unknown health secrets of Peanut Butter

(Src) Unknown health secrets of Peanut Butter Peanut butter is rich in various minerals like magnesium, folate, phosphorous, etc. Scientist claims that thirteen elements that are essential in human nutrition were found in peanut and peanut butter. These elements have some benefits that contribute towards good health. The oil and nutritional value of peanut butter […]


Indian food bible – foods to avoid to lose weight

(Src) Indian food bible – foods to avoid to lose weight Your diet is a big part of your health and well-being. An excess amount of food intake contributes addition of unwanted calorie. This may cause complications like overweight and obesity. It is necessary to avoid certain food from the diet to overcome such complications. […]