Best 5 juicing machine under $50

When you are on juice diet, you probably focus on what fruit to choose to lose weight.  But one more thing you are forgetting to choose is a well-functioning juicer, not just any juicer but one that gives you the value for money.  Here are some reviews of the best juicers that gives you the insight of the juicers to decide which juicer fits your requirements and most importantly they are not big spender they just fall under $50.

Review Oster 3186 Juice-n- Serve 27 Ounce Automatic Citrus Juicer ($20- $22)


Oster 3186

If you are obsessed with traditional juicer machine, Oster 3186 is a best option for you.  The sleek traditional look of the juicer makes it adorable at very first sight, and you would wish to have it in your kitchen cabinet.
Key features

  • Reverse action of the motor ensures enhanced juice extraction
  • Comes with seed and pulp separator; 27 ounce detachable pitcher
  • For the safety purpose, it comes with automatic on/off switch
  • Simple cord storage

Pros & Cons (Oster 3186 Juice-n- Serve 27 Ounce Automatic Citrus Juicer)


  • It is light weight machine with strainer catch all the large pulp and pits
  • It is soft and delicate machine, and needs to be handled with extra care
  • The machine works well with simple juicing
  • The motor is weak and overheats quickly and have to wait for a couple of minutes to cool down
  • It is effective for juicing smaller fruits like lemon and lime
  • It is less efficient in its working compare to other juicer
  • It has a window so that you can see how full it is
  • It has a smaller juice reservoir
  • It requires less effort or mere a gentle push while juicing out fruits
  • You cannot press hard on juicer if you press hard it will not juice properly
  • It is cost-efficient and works great compared to its price
  • The material don’t last long as it might not that strong
  • It is easy to clean and its components can be washed in dish-washer
  • Though it is easy to clean, it require some good rinsing with pulp staying inside the juicer

Usage Rating

  • Design and build quality- 3.5/5

The design and look of this juicer are more decent than any other juicer. Anyone will tempt to buy one when they see this juicer for the very first time, however the outer body is delicate and need to handle with care

  • Juice quality and Yield- 4/5

The 20 watt automatic juicer provides smooth and quiet operation.

  • Power and Noise- 3/5

The light weight machine comes with light motor and it get overheated very quickly. After 5 minutes of continuous use of this motor, it requires a two-minute rest. While noise is concerned it is no different than any-other juicer in its range

  • Ease of use- 4/5

Like other users, this juicer comes handy and easy to use. Due to its light weight it becomes easy to carry and transport

  • Clean it up- 4.5/5

Clean up is an advantage in this juicer; it is very easy to take apart each component of juicer and clean. All components are dishwasher safe which makes clean up fast

  • Reliability- 4/5

This juicer can extract about 6-8 ounce glasses of juice very easily

  • Price- 4/5

This juicer is priced reasonably and works very well.  You cannot challenge the price of this little juicer. For budget conscious this model is perfect, and there is a value to be found here for moderate use of this juicer

Review Black & Decker CJ625 30- Watt 34 Ounce Citrus Juicer ($16- $25)


Black & Decker


It is an authentic juicer that allows juicing about 2-3 glass daily without causing any problem.  This machine comes with the smaller cone nested with the large one, with 30 watt motor.  The reverse action of the ream makes it more useful and takes out every drop of juice out of the fruit. This model suits best for them who loves lots of pulp in their juice.

Key features

  • 30 watt motor
  • Auto reversing reamer with strainer and stirrer for maximum juice extraction
  • Drip free spout
  • Handles multiple batches
  • Adjustable pulp control
  • Cord wrap

Pros & Cons (Black & Decker CJ625 30- Watt 34 Ounce Citrus Juicer)

  • Auto reversing reamer provides maximum juice extraction with pulp
  • The sensor of reamer is too sensitive, with little extra pressure on the reamer it will rotate quickly back and forth
  • Adjustable pulp control, strainer and stirrer
  • People who don’t like pulp needs to strain the pulp separately
  • Besides less durable it is quite effective in its action
  • It does not have extremely long life and heat up if you juice large batches of fruit at once
  • Easy to use and clean, for limited use it is a best option
  • It makes a loud noise; the gears are not made for difficult jobs
  • Strainer allows juice along with the pulp to flow through juicer
  • Strainer sometimes fails to filter seeds out of juice

Usage Rating

  • Design and build quality- 4/5

The 30 watt motor with 1-year warranty makes this machine quite useful.  The machines come with different plastic parts which are dish-washer safe. For limited juicing it is a decent machine and works well with its few setbacks.  It takes less storage space.

  • Juice quality and Yield- 4/5

If you are looking for some replacement for your manual juicer machine, this electric machine could be an ideal replacement for low budget. You can get twice the juice what you get in the manual machine without any effort

  • Power and Noise- 3/5

The motor used in this model is little powerful than its previous version, which makes this machine little loud

  • Ease of use- 4/5

The clear container has highly visible measurement marking, and the pour spout makes it easy to transfer the juice to even small-mouthed containers

  • Clean it up- 4.5/5

With the easy assembly and disassembly of the parts, this machine is quite easy to clean

  • Reliability- 4/5

Though the plastic material is less durable than its metal counterparts, it received the highest rating for the construction in one comparative expert test.  There are few small complaints related to its plastic components durability, but overall it is a good product

  • Price- 4/5

The juicing efficiency that it delivers at this price, this machine is must have in the kitchen.

For serious juicer, this might not be the best choice, yet it can be recommended for occasional juicers.

Review Cuisinart CCJ-500 Pulp Control Citrus Juicer ($25 -$30)

This juicer is a stylish model with outer stainless steel cover.  It comes in a different color, and it will look good in any kitchen.  This model is ideal for those who loves fiber in their diet, it adds enough pulp to your juice. The final spin feature makes this juicer unique in its kind, and yet the price is not high compare to other models. This model can easily handle all size of citrus fruits without you ever buying any additional cone.




Key Features

  • Strong stainless steel finish
  • Auto-reversing Cone
  • Comes with auto-reversing and final spin feature
  • Extra-long snap-up spout accommodates more glasses and prevents dripping
  • Parts are dishwasher safe
  • Works with any size citrus fruit-orange, lemon, grape-fruit
  • It strains out the seeds

Pros & Cons Cuisinart CCJ-500 Pulp Control Citrus Juicer

Pros  Cons
  • You can adjust how much pulp you want in your juice
  • The widest setting in juicer will allow not only pulp but everything else including the seeds to enter the juice
  • It does not move or shake while juicing
  • For the final spin, you have to pulse it. If you don’t, it will throw everything else in your juice
  • Cleaning is easy
  • Some part needs precise cleaning as pulps like to get caught in the grooves
  • A watertight spout holds the juice without spilling a drop
  • The size of the spout may reduce the flow of juice
  • The machine doesn’t overheat or balk at being run continuously
  • It makes a considerable noise while juicing

Usage Rating

  • Design and build quality- 5/5

The build-up of this juicer is decent, and its glossy looks suit any kitchen. It fits easily into shelves and cabinets without occupying much space.  It is light weight and easy to use while the housing is made up of brushed metal to withstand any wear and tear. It has a smaller footprint compare to the previous version, but it is more stable

  • Juice quality and Yield- 4/5

The adjustable reamer can be set at three different settings; low, medium and high.  It will yield juice with pulp or with less pulp as per your requirements. Be aware that it won’t give you a 100 percent pulp free juice

  • Power and Noise- 3/5

It has got powerful motor and performs well when overused, but the downside is that it makes a loud noise.

  • Ease of use- 4/5

Snap-up spout, auto-reversing reamer, final spin features makes this model user friendly. They seamlessly work together to give higher yield. Again, the powerful motor gives high yield without choking

  • Clean it up- 3.5/5

Clean up should not be a headache for users, as all the parts are dishwasher-safe while the juice container, cover, and drip spout only need minimal rinsing. Some users find easy to clean while some still complain about the daunting task of cleaning the pulp around the cone

  • Reliability- 3/5

It does what it promises. It is a great purchase if your choice of juice is limited to certain citrus fruits only.  As far as its durability is concerned, if used with care it will last long at least in 3 years warranty period, but don’t expect to last a lifetime

  • Price- 4/5

Anyone who loves fresh juice at low cost will adore this juicer. With this price, it is the best juicer one might get.

Review Powerful Stainless Whisper-quiet Citrus Juicer-70 Watt Motor ($38 – $42)


Epica Whisper –

quiet Juicer

Best quality comes at best price, this juicer might be high in price compare to other juicer but it gives better performance.  It is quick, durable and powerful than all other cone juicers. It was rated highest by the consumers for its performance compare to other juicers in its range.

Key Features

  • Powerful 70 watt motor
  • More juice yield in less time
  • High clearance spout and fine mesh strainer for clog free flow
  • No noise, created in three parts
  • Auto start/stop for one-touch operation

Pros & Cons Powerful Stainless Whisper-quiet Citrus Juicer-70 Watt Motor

  • It extracts 18% more juice in 1/3rd of the time
  • Strainer holes are too large and add more pulp to juice. It is not for making large batches of juices
  • Powerful motor makes no noise
  • Absent of suction cups beneath the juicer result in vibration
  • To fit all fruit sizes, it includes two reamers
  • It does not ream in both ways, and plastic top does not squeeze oranges quickly
  • Easy to juice – with little pressure on ream gives enough juice
  • Open head may splash some fruits out during juicing if you are not using plastic covering
  • The spout can be closed between glasses to stop dripping
  • The spout is weakly connected to the tray that collects the juice

Usage Rating

  • Design and build quality- 4/5

It is simple in design but heavy and built solid. It might occupy more space than other juicer, but its efficiency for juicing can overcome this setback.

  • Juice quality and Yield- 4/5

It can yield about 50 citrus fruits in 5 minutes, that how efficient this model is. It comes with two different reamers and allows you to juice any citrus fruits.   It also has a fine mesh strainer, which prevents clogging. For small batch, it might work fine, but for larger batch it might not be appropriate

  • Power and Noise- 5/5

This model is awesome if you speak about its power and noise. Beside having 70 watt motor it nearly makes no noise and gives a better result

  • Ease of use- 3.5/5

Because of its open head, it might not preferable everybody.  Also, the plastic covering on the model may not give complete grip on all citrus fruits. The fruit splashes out if it is little larger in shape and plastic covering is not used

  • Clean it up- 3.5/5

Easily washable components, and can be cleaned within few seconds. Strainer, strainer holder, and reamer are easily washable but not dishwasher safe

  • Reliability- 4/5

Though it is built strong, the guarantee of its functioning is still doubtful.  For a couple of users after using for sometime the motor stops working. It might not be the case with everyone, to avoid this the usage manual book should be thoroughly followed

  • Price- 3/5

Compare to other normal juicers, this is little expensive, and it might not fit in everybody’s budget. But it is perfectly ok for those who are looking for more durable product with same functions.

Review Tribest CS-1000 Citristar Juicer ($45 – $49)




This juicer stands as the best juicer in its category because of its portability and pricing. This juicer works on a simple mechanism and yet effective in juicing. You simply have to push fruit on the ream and the rest will be done by the Juicer. Unlike other ream juicer this model will not stop on strongly pushing the fruit on ream, allowing you to take every drop out from the fruit.
Key features

  • Stainless steel strainer prevents clogging
  • Power motor works quite well
  • Value for money, available at an affordable cost
  • Stainless steel locking spout allows only juice to come out without any pulp

Pros & Cons Tribest CS-1000 Citristar Juicer

  • Does it basic work quite effectively
  • It is not for them who likes pulp in their juice
  • Smaller reamer over larger reamer can be used for small fruits like lemon and lime
Hole is tiny and takes time to drain out the juice quickly
  • Safe to use and less noisy than another juicer in its category
  • Only used for citrus fruit
  • It is easy to clean, and Juice can be directly collected in a glass, allowing you to do a continuous operation with the machine
  • Lots of part needs to be hand wash and cannot use dishwasher
  • Best for use when juices are for a couple of people
  • It cannot be used when juice is made for bulk
  • The rubber base prevent juicer from walking during operation
  • The plastic body makes it less durable compare to another juicer
  • Comes with flip-up spout, which means you can stop flow juice just by flipping up the spout
  • Frequent use of flip-up spout can clog the spout valve and prevents smooth flow of juice.  Also, the exit spout is too low accommodating only smaller glasses

Usage Rating

  • Design and build quality- 4/5

It is more light weight compare to the older version. The power cable can be coiled and wrapped underneath the juicer, which makes it look good and fits any small cabinet easily.

  • Juice quality and Yield- 4/5

It just do what it supposed to do, without adding any pulp this machine squeezes fruit juice to its last drop which makes this juicer popular among its users

  • Power and Noise- 4.5/5

Where noise of the motor is annoying in any juicers, this juicer is brilliant. It has the powerful motor compared to other users in its range and yet makes the least noise

  • Ease of use- 4/5

This small juicer is easy to use, and it is designed according to its usability.  This compact machine is easy to carry and use less space

  • Clean it up- 4.5/5

Cleaning it up after use is real quick, but some parts of it may require hand wash

  • Reliability- 4/5

Though it is small in size, it is heavy duty machine.  It will ream an orange half in about 7 seconds

  • Price- 5/5

It is a value for money product, with that price range it gives a better result than any other product in its comparison.