Addiction of Coca-Cola and its effect



Addiction of Coca-Cola and its effect

Soft drinks contain acids and sugar, which have both Acidogenic and Carcinogenic properties. Overconsumption of fizzy drinks can have some serious health hazards. You have to be very cautious if you are addicted to such soft drinks. Coca-cola addiction is quite common.

What is in coke?

How to quit drinking Coca Cola

There is no special trick that can stop you from drinking Coke unless you are desperate about it. But these tips can definitely help you to break your Coca Cola addiction.


  • Replace with a nutritious drink: One alternative is to replace your cola with healthier drinks. Try some fresh juice instead of cola. This will not only replenish your energy but provides some vital vitamins as well.
  • Keep yourself hydrated with water: After going to gym or workout, people usually don’t re-hydrate themselves with water. Instead, they choose cola. This increases the urge of fizzy drinks. Break the cycle by drinking more water rather than cola.
  • Save money by tracking your spending: Keep track of how much money you spend on beverages weekly or monthly. This will stop you from buying unnecessary drinks.
  • Cut-down with small size coke can: If you are heavily addicted to Coke, it is possible you can’t quit immediately. The best way to get rid of this is to cut down the quantity of Coke slowly and gradually.
  • Distribute carbohydrate over the day: Distribute your carbohydrates by eating 5 to 6 small meals over a day. This will keep your sugar level up throughout the day and keep you away from a sugary soda.

Is Diet Coke Addictive

Often people replace cola with diet coke thinking it’s a healthy way to withdraw from cola addiction. But the fact is diet coke is equally addictive. May be diet coke addiction is more serious than normal coke. Diet coke is deprived of sugar but is not deprived of the artificial sweetener.

Here are some reasons why diet coke could be more addictive.

  • Contains artificial sweetener Aspartame.
  • Aspartame does not provide any calorie. The body misses out on energy requirement and thus crave for more
  • Aspartame has the similar effects as alcohol, but less severe. Caffeine present in diet Cola together with Aspartame can make you more addicted.

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  1. Sherri Jankowski says:

    As an added reason to quit drinking coke or pepsi (reg or diet), they both contribute to stress incontinence. If you drink a lot or are addicted, this may be the reason your bladder leaks when you laugh, cough, run, or do anything else that causes you lose urine unexpectedly. Check with your urologist and/or gynecologist. You may even be able to avoid surgery to prevent stress incontinence by just eliminating drinking these beverages.

  2. Kim Whaley says:

    I see why coke is bad for you, but really, I think this article is exaggerating. It causes yellow teeth? Brush your teeth man.Sugary beverages cause diabetes? Just about every drink other than water can be considered ‘sugar sweetened’, even the so called healthy beverages such as juice, so I don’t think there’s much you can do about that even if you swore off coke forever.
    I’m not saying the facts are wrong, I’m sure they’ve been scientifically proven. But I think the issues involved with coke are actually a lot less… well, less than this article makes them out to be. Other than that, though, great informative article! Thanks for writing it.

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