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My Story

It was a red alert when my physician gave me a list of full body checkup. It is rather unusual to see such list when you have been healthy throughout your entire life. With age, you can notice change in the physical appearance of your body but inside the body, you can’t. I noticed this when I saw the medical report. This was when I decided to make some healthy choices in my living style.

The first thing I did is controlling the excess weight. I depleted extra calories from my diet by cutting off oily and processed food from my diet. Next thing I did was adding some fruits, sprouts, juice, and raw vegetables to my main meal. It took little time to adjust but slowly I settled down to a perfect meal. Now, I can definitely experience the difference in my body.
After all I have a family to look after…

Birth of HealthUnify

I have come to believe that being healthy is a synonym to being happy. I started this blog on Feb, 2015 to share my personal experience on a healthy life style.

Genuine care and monitoring of simple lifestyle habits like how you eat, sleep, breath & exercise will define the quality of your life. It is important that all of them remain in sync for healthy life. Hence you need a “unified” approach to health.

Our mission is to help people to neutralize their stress level and re-gain their fitness. We provide important tips on various health issues like skin care, fat burning, healthy bones, fighting common flues, dental care, anti-oxidant food intake, etc. & will uncover some unknown facts you should be familiar with.

Even if you derive value from just one of our articles, our mission will be accomplished of keeping you and your family healthy .

Come join our awesome community and mission to unified health aka HealthUnify

Dorothy Gusmus
Editor of HealthUnify